Dispatches: Japanese Import – Kazuhiro Kokubo 1.15 Home And Home

New house

Captions: Kazuhiro Kokubo

By now most of you have heard about the car accident that Kazuhiro Kokubo had while traveling back to SoCal from Mammoth on the 395. Well Kazu somehow survived the incident unscathed. The good news for snowboardermag.com readers is that Kazu didn't crash his computer only his Land Cruiser. Here we see some of Kazu's personal photos from a trip back across the Pacific to his homeland where he tours the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami, volunteers to help recovery efforts and and checks for radiation in his trousers.

“Sorry it has been too long since last dispatch. Everything still busy riding and filming for Burton movie and going to Japan for meetings and volunteer work in the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant areas. We also finish building our new house in Japan and finally start moving.” – Kazu

Kazu Dispatch 18 02

Kazu Dispatch 18 03

Kazu Dispatch 18 04
Paco and Gomao
Kazu Dispatch 18 05
On our way to hang out with Eijyu and Ayumu Hirano

Kazu Dispatch 18 06

Kazu Dispatch 18 07
Animal rescue group www.JEARS.org

Kazu Dispatch 18 08

Kazu Dispatch 18 09

Kazu Dispatch 18 10
Stonp filmer Nori "shaka" Watanabe sleeping instead of filming
Kazu Dispatch 18 11
Little orange sticker measure how much radiation your body gets from Fukushima power plant.
Kazu Dispatch 18 12
We deliver supplies and meet with people at evacuation center who have animals

Kazu Dispatch 18 13

Kazu Dispatch 18 14
Geiger counter to measure radiation outside
Kazu Dispatch 18 15
Have to measure important parts

Kazu Dispatch 18 16

Kazu Dispatch 18 17

Kazu Dispatch 18 18

Kazu Dispatch 18 19
This used to be a city
Kazu Dispatch 18 20
One of the dog we rescue

Kazu Dispatch 18 21

Kazu Dispatch 18 22
Even 7-11 closed because power plant.
Kazu Dispatch 18 23
At check point for nuclear power plant. They arrest people who try and go inside.
Kazu Dispatch 18 24
This dog attack my manager Carl because it hates him and cigarettes
Kazu Dispatch 18 25
Nori sleeping again instead of editing Stonp movie

"I would like to say thank you to everyone for your concern and support after my car crash on Friday. I am fine with only a few cuts and scratches. Please everyone always wear your seat belt. It saved my life. And if anyone finds a white converse on the side of the road at 395 and 14 going south from Mammoth, can you please send to me? I don't know how it come off my foot, but it is my favorite shoe." – Kazu

Kazu Dispatch 18 26

Kazu Dispatch 18 27