Videograss World Premieres and Parties

Photo: Laura Austin
The first showing of “Bon Voyage” up at High Cascade Snowboard camp during the Videograss signature session. Photo: Laura Austin

Words: Laura Austin
Photos: From as many people who were willing to donate to the “Laura’s camera went missing fund”

With the amount of online videos these days, I have started to question the impact of full-length snowboard films on the audience. Today you can see tidbits of what riders are doing throughout the whole winter, right as it is happening. Whereas back in the day kids had to wait an entire year to see what their favorite riders pulled off that season. But last weekend "Bon Voyage" restored my faith that there is still excitement and anticipation in watching a snowboard flick for the first time.

Laura Austin Videograss Premiere 3
One of the highlights from the after party in Government Camp. Jonas Michilot about to jump into a crowd of people that probably didn’t catch him. You would think they would stop after landing flat on the floor once. But him and Dirks kept at it for a while. Photo: Laura Austin

The Videograss crew knows how to have a good time. It is evident in their movies, their weekly Videograssaturdays edits, and they definitely proved it again at the premieres of their newest movie, "Bon Voyage". The first showing was held up at High Cascade Snowboard Camp in Mt. Hood during the Videograss signature session. The kids were hyped, roaring after every rider's part, and proceeding to talk about it with their friends the next few days of camp.

Photo: Laura Austin
Lance Hakker sporting the upcoming 2012 Ashburys. Photo: Laura Austin

After the movie was shown the campers dispersed and the after parties began. I don't need to go into detail, but some highlights included people stage diving from the second floor of a house into a crowd who didn't actually catch them, broken tables, and people fighting over beers like hobos at a product toss of McDonalds cheeseburgers.

Laura Austin Videograss Premiere 2
Like I said… Hobos and cheeseburgers. Photo: Laura Austin

Round 2 was held down in Portland, which was their more official premiere and was open to the public. So many people showed up for the movie that the theater hit max capacity…three times. Crowds were waiting out front hoping that a few would leave so that they could get in. Videograss had to have three different showings because all the seats filled up so quickly. And there were still people who couldn't see the third showing because it reached capacity once again.  Luckily the movie was shown at the Living Room Theater which had a full on bar in the lobby. So while people were watching "Bon Voyage", the others were able to hang out in the bar and rub elbows with all the riders and the crew behind the film.

Laura Austin Videograss Premiere 1
I’ll let you make your own deductions about this photo, but Laurent is obviously very excited about something. Photo: Laura Austin

After the premiere the crowd moved to the Beauty Bar for the after party, which even more people showed up to. Picture the NBA all star team packed into this house. But no one seemed to mind, it just meant for tighter dancing quarters and a reason for people to take their shirts off. It was a wild night that ended in my camera disappearing with all the photos from the premiere (thank you to everyone who donated to the cause… and whoever has my camera, enjoy… I hope you know enough about photography to appreciate it) and a whole fleet of cops having to usher people away from the bar because it turned into a block party. It isn't a party until someone gets arrested, and that night there were many that did.

Laura Austin Videograss Premiere 4
Nick Dirks fell into the table, Jonah Owen proceeded to destroy it, and Java kicked everyone out. Until Jonah rebuilds it, the Salamon team will be eating on the floor. Photo: Laura Austin

The movie itself was a hit. Videograss claims that it is "A video about what snowboarders want to do. Not about what filmers and team managers think snowboarders should do." And that was evident in the film. I am not going to give too much away because you have to see it for yourself. But with a rider list of Justin Bennee, Mikey Leblanc, Jed Anderson, Nima Jalali, Gus Engle, Jon Kooley, Laurent Nicolas Paquin, Louif Paradis, Alex Cantin, Jordan Mendenhall, Johnny Miller, Will Tuddenham, Ben Bilocq, Jonas Michilot, Chris Grenier, Darrell Mathes, Nick Dirks, and friends it was filled with some very entertaining snowboarding. Jed Anderson had enough footage to take up a part and a half, filled with some of the most technical riding out there. And the ending shot of Mikey Leblanc will blow your mind and make you question why it didn't do the same thing to his knees. If you missed the premieres in Oregon, "Bon Voyage" will be on tour throughout the US and Canada so be on the lookout for one near you. It is well worth it.

Photo: Lance Hakker
The man behind the magic, Justin Meyer, filmer and editor of Videograss is multitasking. Setting things up for the Portland premiere, and flipping Lance off at the same time. Photo: Lance Hakker
Photo: Loren Brinton
Full House times 3. Photo: Loren Brinton
Photo: Nick Lipton
Mikey LeBlanc stashing money for the knee surgery he is going to need after his long career of jumping to flat. Especially after his last shot in “Bon Voyage”. Photo: Nick Lipton
Photo: Nick Lipton
Ben Bogart double fisting seems to be the focus of the photo. But don’t be fooled, the real gem is lost in the background. Check out Jake O.E.’s shirt. Amazing. Photo: Nick Lipton
Photo: Loren Brinton
Jordan Mendenhall’s night started off great. Sun shinging on his face, taking photos of who knows what… but the end of his night was a different story. If you were there you know what I am talking about. Photo: Loren Brinton
Photo: Loren Brinton
Village People meets Portland. Photo: Loren Brinton
Photo: Loren Brinton
Qu est que c’est Meth Mouth en Francais? Photo: Loren Brinton
Photo: Lance Hakker
“Nima, Jess, Ben, Jared, Fox, Laurent, Blah, Blah, Blah. Who cares? This photo has Scotty “Fuckin'” Whittlake in it mother fuckers!!! Lance Hakker is bucking for mother fuckin Sr. Photog status with this snap. Mother Fucker.” -Pat Bridges. Photo: Lance Hakker
Photo: Lance Hakker
For some reason crowd diving was a big hit once again. Laurent about to kill a few innocent people, and not seeming to care that a cop is standing right outside the front door. Photo: Lance Hakker
Photo: Lance Hakker
People are probably looking at this photo and thinking it is all fun and everything. First of all that bar is way too bright for anyone to get any serious regrets going on. Unless of course you are LNP who probably has five different dudes hands on his ass, or Desiree who has that obnoxious hat on or Lance Hakker who is obviously trying to shoot spy photos of his shaven headed brother talking up brunettes in green sweaters. Photo: Lance Hakker
Photo: June Bhongjan
So Random. First of all June Bhongjan can not only make a womens snowboard film that shows depth, sophistication and skin but she weaves a hell of a tale with the still shot as well. Here Darrell Mathes looks to be getting romantic when he is likely to be slipping his hand into his friends purse hoping to find a flask he can take a few snorts from. Then the other dude is smelling his fingers which makes us think he is a real class act but once we see that he is wearing non slipon Vans checks then his stock drops like Sirius. As for the shifty eyed dude in the middle, well he is just being obvious leaving one to believe he is the most unoriginal part of this shot. Photo: June Bhongjan
Photo: Lance Hakker
The outside of the bar was just as crowded as the inside. I am pretty sure some chanting was going on right now. Watch out for the new fraternity, Alpha Beta Shreda. Photo: Lance Hakker
Photo: Lance Hakker
This guy is redifining the modern hipster. Muscle Milk is sooo in these days. I am not even going to comment on Darrell and Grenier. Photo: Lance Hakker
Photo: Lance Hakker
I normally wouldn’t post a photo that was out of focus…. but this one is golden. Ride TM Matt Sickels getting some practice in. Photo: Lance Hakker
Mike Hakker Videograss Premiere Drawing
Not only did Mike Hakker draw all the titles for “Bon Voyage” but he drew me this as his contribution to the “Laura’s camera went missing fund”. His interpretation of the night.